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Friday, 23 December 2011 16:53


Another year, another great NAMM trade show...the main difference this time was that, for the first time, I no longer had to talk about when the Solaris might be shipping, but that we have been shipping for some months now! It was really a great feeling...

I also had coverage from some online blogs and communities, such as this video from

Then there is this section from Chris Randall's blog about the NAMM show:

"I got a full demo of the Solaris from John Bowen and Bernard Wong. The Solaris is the logical progression of the Prophet VS and Wavestation. It takes those concepts and just extrapolates them out in to what a DSP-based synth can pull off in 2012. The panel is really well laid-out, and super playable. Some very crafty features internally as well, and the many mod routing possibilities, coupled with an extensive oscillator and filter library (and user samples, natch) gives it a really broad palette. I think this is going to be my next synth purchase."

You can read his entire NAMM coverage here: