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RIP Dave Smith

It is with great sadness to announce that my colleague and friend Dave Smith has passed away. I introduced myself to Dave in 1976, when I was doing presentations for Moog Music, and asked him if we could make an arrangement where I would promote his Model 800 sequencer. Little did I know what that meant for how my future in synthesis would be forever changed.

You can read more on the official Sequential page here:


New interview video by Espen Kraft

Please go here to see my interview with EspenKraft:


New v2.0.3 OS Released

I am very happy to announce the release of v2.0.3 Operating System for the Solaris. Information for current owners can be found in the Forum:



Solaris demo video by Espen Kraft

Please go here to see Part 1 of a Solaris video from Espen Kraft:

Lots of audio examples as Espen shows off the basics of the Solaris.



Music Made on Solaris

Here’s a new post from Peter Farn showing a live improvisation of a single patch on his Solaris. Not your typical Rompler or Eurorack style music!


I've had several requests to point out where one might find examples of the Solaris online. There is always this section of the Solaris Forum where you can find contributions by Solaris owners: