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Is the Solaris's step sequencer polyphonic?

You can play polyphonically, and all voices played will be controlled by the sequencer, with the root pitch determined by the notes you are playing. The Solaris sequencer is a step sequencer that outputs 4 rows of control values. The Overall rhythmic timing is established by Sequence A; the other 3 rows can have different lengths, but they will still use the rhythmic pattern set by Seq A. Even though you can set up 4 independent 'channels' per preset in Solaris for articulation, the overall Amplitude envelope controls all final output (i.e., you can set each signal path's VCA to be controlled by separate envelopes, but those ADSR time values have to 'fit' within an overall Amp EG setting). So, my gut feeling is that it is not polyphonic in the sense you may be wondering, but the real point of the sequencer is that it can produce some fairly complex sounds.